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Payment Protection Insurance, commonly referred to as PPI, was designed to cover credit repayments in the event of accident, sickness or redundancy.


Unfortunately, due to the HUGE profits generated for banks and lenders, MILLIONS of policies were mis-sold to MILLIONS of people right across the UK.


This is the biggest financial scandal that has ever hit the UK and you could be entitled to a share of the £25 BILLION compensation fund.


To find out more, click here.


What if you are unsure of your account numbers?


What if you’re unsure you were sold PPI?


We don’t need account numbers. All we require is the name of your lender. We can carry out all of the necessary checks.


If you are unsure of your lender you can obtain information via experian, which holds your credit details for the previous 6 years.


PPI policies were often sold by lenders as part of the deal when you took out a mortgage, loan, hire purchase agreement, credit card or credit card with them.


34 MILLION credit agreements have been taken out with some form of PPI. These policies were often sold to customers who did not need, want or ask for them.


Many customers may not even know that they have been sold a PPI policy with their mortgage, loan, HP agreement, credit card or credit card.


Simply complete the online claim form at the top of this page with your details and we’ll send you out a claim pack.


Once you’ve received the pack it should take no longer than 2 minutes of your time to complete and return.


Alternatively, you can download a pack from the site. Once we have your completed pack back with us, we’ll do the rest!


We’ve probably all seen the media attention surrounding the scandal, but have all of your questions been answered?


We are asked many questions every day so we’ve compiled a list of the most asked questions, along with the answers to those questions here.


We hope this answers your questions, but if not we’re on hand to assist you with anything you want answering so feel free to get in touch!

Customer Testimonials

  • Very Professional


    Very professional. Kept in touch with me at all times either by phone, e-mail or letter. When contacted, able to advise with the minimum of fuss or delay.

  • Very Thorough


    Very thorough in their work, dealt with any problems quickly and always kept us informed regarding the stages of the complaints.

  • Professional Service


    Excellent, professional service – So far I have received over £3,000

  • Delighted


    Delighted with the service I have received from Your Money Claim. The result was far better than ever anticipated. Thank you again

  • Thanks


    YMC persevered with my claim for 12 months. After being dismissed by American Express they fought my corner and I now have the money I claimed. Thanks

  • Fantastic


    I had forgotten about this account so to get something back that I am entitled to is fantastic. Thank you Your Money Claim!

  • Very Impressed!


    Very impressed by the service at YOUR MONEY CLAIM. Will recommend you to others. Thank you all.

  • Very Helpful


    Your Money Claim always kept me up to date with the progress of my claim. They were polite and very helpful.

  • Excellent!


    Excellent Service

  • Excellent Service


    Your Money Claim provided me with excellent service. Very efficient and quick. I could not have done it myself. Many thanks

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