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We will NEVER pass your details onto any other company

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We will NEVER pass your details onto any other company

Terms of Engagement

Terms of Engagement

Your Money Claim specialise in mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), and mis-sold Packaged Bank Account (PBA) claims.

Prior to entering into an agreement with Your Money Claim we will provide you with a paper copy of our Terms of Engagement.

Our Terms of Engagement are also readily available by clicking either of the buttons below.

Your Money Claim is committed to working in a fair, responsible and transparent way at all times.

PPI Claims

PPI was added to all types of credit agreements, such as mortgages, loans, hire purchase agreements, car finance, credit cards and store cards between the early 1980s until as recently as 2015.

  • Unsure how to claim back mis-sold PPI?
  • Don’t know whether you’ve had PPI?
  • Can’t remember your account numbers?
  • Not claimed back your PPI yet?
  • Want to put your claim in the best possible hands?

Sit back and let Your Money Claim do the work for you.

We’ll find out whether you have had PPI and we will deal with the lenders at every step.

We don’t need account numbers due to relationships we have with various lenders.

Packaged Bank Account Claims

  • Not claimed your packaged bank account (PBA) compensation yet?
  • Don’t know how to claim back on your PBA?
  • Don’t know whether your PBA was mis-sold?
  • Have you paid for your bank account now, or in the past?
  • Want your PBA claim in the best hands?

If you pay anything from £5 up to £30 per month for any ‘benefits’ with your bank account then you could have a claim.

Many of these accounts were mis-sold and it is believed that there are still 10 million of these accounts still active in the country.

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