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If you’ve taken out car finance then it is probable that you were not advised of the amount of commission that was paid to the dealership by the finance provider. The details of these commissions were not disclosed to the customer, and we argue that this caused an unfair relationship in accordance with the Consumer Credit Act 1974.


Finance providers often incentivised car dealerships to offer its finance agreements by way of commission. Many of these commission models encouraged dealerships to increase the interest rates charged to customers, as the dealership would receive more commission for doing so. This resulted in potentially millions of UK customers being charged more on their motor finance agreements than they should have.


It may be that the finance provider failed to carry out the necessary checks to ensure the credit agreement was affordable for you. Did your motor finance monthly payments cause you financial hardship? Did you miss other bills payments in order to maintain payments on your motor finance agreement?


Perhaps it was not explained sufficiently what would happen at the end of the scheduled monthly payments with respect to any monies that would remain payable by you. If it was clear that you would not be able to afford the final “balloon” payment, you were often faced with the dilemma of handing the vehicle back or being trapped into entering into a new finance agreement with the finance provider and/or dealership.


As of 2023 car finance is the second most complained about subject that the Ombudsman receives, and we believe this will only increase as UK consumers become aware of this latest mis-selling scandal.


We can help to determine whether or not you may expect to receive compensation as a result of mis-selling, and deal with the finance provider and dealership at every step.

We are aware that times are difficult at present, with people’s finances often affected due to reasons beyond their control.


We also know that speaking to somebody about your financial circumstances may also be challenging.


We therefore wish to advise you of our trusted debt solution provider, Angel Advance.


Angel Advance has tailored its service to allow you to obtain advice and solutions via its online facility.


We believe this approach allows you to receive advice at your convenience, and puts you in control of choosing the solution that suits you best.


Help and guidance is available to you from one of their highly trained specialists in the event you wish to discuss your options further.

Had your PPI claim rejected?


Only received a partial award (after August 2017)?


Not yet made a claim?


The highly controversial Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claim deadline may have passed, but all is not lost.


When PPI was added to a credit agreement (mortgages, loans, credit / store cards, hire purchase), the lender generally received a commission from the insurance provider.


In all cases we’ve seen, the lender chose not to inform the customer of the commission, and thereafter chose to keep this information from the customer.


This failure / refusal to disclose the commission, which on average were 67% of the amount paid by the customer, means that the customer was not provided with enough information to consider whether the policy represented value for money, and therefore created an unfair relationship.


We are currently working with our trusted partner and solicitor firm with respect to issuing a Group Litigation Order, estimated to be worth up to £18 billion.


With over 330,000 customers and over 1.2 million cases already signed up, we can check to see if you too could qualify.


Please do not worry if you no longer have the documentation from the lender as we can obtain this for you.


We will review the documentation, and if we believe you may qualify for compensation we will let you know, and then you can decide whether you want your case adding to the Group Action.


Please note that PPI generally stopped being added to credit agreements from around 2012/13, so if you’ve credit agreements opened after this time they would not have had PPI added.

Packaged Bank Accounts, or Paid For Bank Accounts as they’re sometimes referred to, have been mis-sold to MILLIONS.


With BILLIONS potentially due in compensation, Your Money Claim are the industry experts in beating the banks.


With approximately 1 in 5 UK consumers having been sold a Packaged Account we can carry out the checks and deal with the claim every step of the way.


For more information please click here.

Have you had an active tenancy agreement within the last six years?


If so, your landlord / letting agent was obliged to place your deposit in one of three protected deposit schemes within thirty days of you paying the deposit, and to provide you with evidence of this.


If they did not do this, our trusted solicitor partner can make a claim for you to be compensated up to three times the value of the deposit.

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