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Halifax PPI Claims

Halifax PPI Claims

Halifax, once part of HBOS (Halifax Bank of Scotland), now forms part of the Lloyds Banking Group which is commonly referred to as one of the ‘big four’ banks in the UK.

The bank itself, is named after the town in which it was founded in 1853, Halifax, in West Yorkshire.

As part of Lloyds Banking Group, Halifax have contributed hugely to the mis-selling of PPI which has resulted in a bill for the group in excess of £11.3 BILLION to date, and rising!

About PPI

PPI was sold on all forms of credit, such as mortgages, loans, car finance, hire purchase agreements, credit cards and store cards.

Not sure whether you’ve been sold PPI?

Our fast and free checking systems that have been set up with almost all banks allows us to find out whether you’ve been one of the millions who have had PPI.

Not sure whether you qualify? Check here to see whether you may.

The average claim is £3,000!

Want to know how much you may be owed? Why not try our PPI calculator.

Making a Halifax PPI Claim

If you have had a loan, mortgage, or credit card with Halifax within the last 25 years there’s every chance you’ll have been paying for PPI.

We’ve made claiming easy, taking the stress out of you having to deal with the paperwork, the stress, and the tactics employed by the bank to try and wriggle out of paying.

So….how do you start your claim?

#1: The first option for you is to fill in the form which can be seen on every page. By doing so, we will send you out a form in the post for you to complete, which should take no longer than two minutes of your time. Once we’ve received the form back in the freepost envelope we send you with your form, we can make a start on your Halifax PPI claim.

#2: The second option for you is to download our form, which again can be found on every page by clicking the ‘download pack’ button. Simply print it out, complete it and send it back to us, our address can be found here. Once we receive is back we’ll let you know and make a start.

Our team of experts are on hand to answer any questions you have via telephone, email or our live chat facility.

So….why wait, let’s get started!

Halifax PPI

Halifax PPI