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Halifax PPI – You may be eligible for compensation

Most people at some point need to borrow money, apply for a credit card or take out some kind of credit agreement. If you’ve ever had a mortgage, loan, credit card or some other type of credit from Halifax it is quite possible that you have been sold Halifax Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) without your knowledge.  Halifax has mis-sold PPI to millions of customers in order to generate obscene profits. PPI policies were generally not worth the paper they were written on.

Could you have compensation with your name on it?

It could be that you’ve paid hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of pounds for cover that you didn’t want or know about. Halifax have already acknowledged that mis-selling has taken place on a huge scale. Sales staff and bank staff were known to have been on huge bonuses for mis-selling PPI due to the mega profits generated so it’s no surprise that underhand tactics were used to dupe people out of their hard earned money. Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) is now part of the Lloyds Banking Group, and has set aside over £10 BILLION to compensation customers. The final bill to UK banks and lenders is expected to surpass £25 BILLION by the time the scandal draws to an end.

How difficult is it to claim?

Whilst in past years, it could be expensive and extremely difficult to pursue a case involving Halifax PPI, things are completely different today. We are PPI experts and have dealt with thousands of Halifax PPI claims. Better still, we can pursue your case through a no win no fee* agreement. Under this type of agreement, you pay nothing up front and we will not take a fee at all unless we successfully win your case for you. Our highly professional PPI experts will run the entire case on your behalf, including the management of any necessary paperwork.

If, like many of our clients, your Halifax loan or credit agreement was issued a considerable time ago, it is possible that you may not have the original signed agreements, nor any other evidence that a credit agreement was ever taken out. We can still help you. As PPI experts, we know exactly how to ascertain whether or not you were mis-sold Halifax PPI. With our assistance, thousands of people have already discovered that they paid for PPI that they didn’t want, didn’t know about and would never have taken out anyway.

No Win, No Fee*, No Stress – It’s that easy

You see, it really is perfectly possible that compensation amounting to thousands of pounds could be owed to you. Using our no win no fee* agreement, starting a claim could not be easier and you can commence proceedings today with an absolute minimum of inconvenience. We know all there is to know about making successful PPI claims and will also determine how much interest may be due to you. To start your claim, all you have to do is to fill out the simple form that appears on the right hand side of this page. You will receive one of our easy to understand claim packs which takes no longer than 2 minutes of your time to complete and return. Once we have your completed pack we will immediately start your claim, doing all the groundwork to establish account numbers and whether there was PPI, before launching our legal letters to Halifax. Remember that given the number of people mis-sold Halifax PPI, it is quite possible that you are one of them.


Halifax PPI was attached to millions of mortgages, loans and credit agreements. Not knowing whether you had PPI could be a huge indication that you have been mis-sold it. You may well be completely unaware that you have paid for any form of Halifax PPI on past loans or credit. Nevertheless, filling out the form on the right of this page will still enable us to help you. Don’t miss this opportunity to claim back what is yours, possibly with interest. With our no win no fee* service, you have absolutely nothing to lose and by letting us act for you now, could find yourself thousands of pounds richer. Just fill in the form today and let our PPI experts get started.


Halifax PPI

Halifax PPI