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This isn’t just any PPI Claim – This is a Marks And Spencer PPI claim


They are famous for their fine foods and excellent customer service, but Marks and Spencer has faced harsh criticism recently for the amount of mis-sold PPI policies they have arranged for their customers.


How can I tell if I was mis-sold an M&S PPI policy?

The problem with many M&S PPI policies is that customers don’t know that they have been included alongside their loan or credit card agreement. If you have your paperwork, take a look at it to see whether you are paying for this insurance. Don’t worry if you don’t have your paperwork, we can check for you. If you are quite happy to pay for this protection that is fine, but if you didn’t know that you were paying for PPI or your circumstances would make it difficult to make a claim, you could be entitled to hundreds and even thousands of pounds back.


The great PPI scam and the billions being set aside

Thankfully there is now strict legislation in place concerning the selling of Payment Protection Insurance. However, a few years ago it was a different story. Banks like Lloyds, Barclays, Halifax, RBS / Natwest and more recently, Marks & Spencer were able to add PPI to policies without customers knowing or tell customers it was a compulsory part of their credit agreement.

Marks & Spencer Financial Services, which is owned by HSBC, has set aside MILLIONS in order to compensate customers who may have been mis-sold a policy over the last few years. If you believe that you have been duped into agreeing to a policy from the high street giant or you had Marks and Spencer PPI added onto your credit agreement without your knowledge, our PPI experts would like to hear from you.


No win no fee* means no risk to you

If you are worried that making a Marks & Spencer PPI claim could cost you a lot of money, don’t be. We operate to a strict no win no fee* claim policy and that means should your claim be unsuccessful you won’t owe us a single penny. It’s all part of our professional service and we will ensure you are delighted with the result we get for you.


It all starts with getting in touch

Making a PPI claim is now easier than ever thanks to our efficient service and simple PPI pack. In fact, in two minutes you could have your PPI claim paperwork completed. You don’t even need to have your original paperwork to hand as we can usually locate details from your basic information, such as name and address.

Once we have the details we need, we will draft a legal letter on your behalf and send it to Marks & Spencer informing them that we are handling your claim. Many claims are settled within a matter of weeks. We will keep you updated at every step of the way and if you have any questions our team of experts are just a call away, and we are happy to answer your questions. I’m sure you can imagine how wonderful it is being able to  provide a lovely surprise for our customers who otherwise didn’t know they were entitled to a settlement amount.


What happens if my M&S PPI claim is rejected

Like most types of claim, there will be claims that are not valid. However, for every claim that is not valid there are many more than are. Lenders will reject valid claims, it’s all part of their tactics to hope you go away. That’s where our knowledge and expertise come in. We won’t give up, we will take the claim to the very top if we believe there is a valid claim for compensation.

Start your Marks and Spencer PPI claim today – You could be thousands better off

Speak to our PPI experts today to find out how much your mis-sold Marks & Spencer PPI policy could be worth. We will handle your claim from start to finish.








Marks and Spencer PPI

Marks and Spencer PPI