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Have you taken out a mortgage, credit card or loan with Tesco Bank? It might surprise you to know that this high street giant has set aside over £220 MILLION recently as compensation for mis-sold PPI policies.

Payment Protection Insurance was designed to offer protection for your credit repayments should you be made redundant or be off work due to sickness. It can be very handy when sold and used in the right way and extremely expensive and frustrating when it is sold dishonestly.

The problems arose a few years ago when there was little in the way of regulatory controls in place for the selling of PPI. Tesco Bank and many other high street banks started to use less than credible tactics to sell this insurance to their customers. This is a practice they would later come to regret.


Have you been mis-sold a Tesco PPI policy?

Do you know whether you are paying for Tesco PPI? It might not be obvious at first and only apparent when checks are carried out against your paperwork. Tens of thousands of PPI policies have been mis-sold by Tesco over the years and if for any reason you believe your policy was not sold to you correctly, we urge you to get in touch. You may not even be aware you have been sold a policy. We can check for you.


Our PPI experts will win the maximum amount of compensation

Our team of PPI experts have years of experience under their belts and they know every stage of the PPI reclaim process. What’s more, we operate on a no win no fee* basis and that means you have nothing to pay should we not be able to settle your claim for you.

Simply get in touch with us today for your claims pack. It only takes two minutes to complete and sign the documents we need to get started and then we will handle everything expertly and efficiently on your behalf.


What could you do with your claim compensation?

With the average PPI claim settlement topping £2,750 it’s easy to see why our customers are delighted with the service we have to offer. Many of our customers did not know they were paying Tesco PPI and so it came as a great shock to find out. However, we were able to soften this blow by presenting them with the compensation they so rightly deserved.


We’re in your corner every step of the way

Once we receive your PPI claim pack, we can get started on processing your claim and winning your compensation for you. We take great pride in our high standards of service and our passion for doing what is right for our customers. We would be delighted to tell you more about the claims process and we may also be able to tell you how much compensation could be coming your way.


What happens with rejections?

Many millions of valid PPI claims are initially rejected by the lender, but we have the expertise and experience to fight these rejections and, in the vast majority of circumstances, our customers are more than satisfied with the compensation offers we secure for them. We have been shocked in the past as to the lengths the banks will go to to wriggle out of paying back your money, but they didn’t bank on the tenacious spirit of our team and their success rate for compensation claims.

Speak to us today to start your Tesco PPI claim. We would be delighted to help you whether you have a mortgage, loan or credit card and our no win no fee* promise means there is absolutely no risk on your part.








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Tesco PPI