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Tesco PPI Claims

Have you taken out a credit card or loan with Tesco Bank? If so, it may surprise you to learn that the high street retailer has set aside £240 million recently to cover their costs for the mis-selling of PPI.

A product that was designed with the best intentions at heart, payment protection insurance was designed to offer protection for a customer’s credit repayments in the case that they were to be made redundant or not able to work due to illness and when sold correctly, it can be a handy thing to have. The problem with PPI is that it was grossly mis-sold to millions of people in the UK.

If you think that you have grounds to launch a Tesco PPI claim, here’s how you can start one with us today.

Making a Claim

There are two ways for you to start your Tesco PPI claim with us. They’re simple, straight forward and the best thing about making a claim with us is that we operate a no win, no fee* policy so you can rest assured that we’re going to be working as hard as we can on your claim.

#1: The first choice you have is to fill in the form on the right hand side of this page. Once you’ve completed the form and we have all of your details, we’ll send you out one of our PPI claim packs complete with a pre-paid envelope so that when you’ve filled in all of your details, you can send everything back through to us and we’ll get the ball rolling with your payment protection claim and keep you posted along the way.

#2: The second choice that you have is to download the claim form yourself. Once you have this downloaded and filled in, you can send it back to us and once we’ve received everything from you, we will launch your Tesco PPI claim.

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Tesco PPI

Tesco PPI