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Welcome Finance PPI Claims


Did you take out a loan or hire purchase from Welcome Finance between 2003 and 2010? If the answer is yes then it is likely you have paid for Payment Protection Insurance, or other insurances.


We have dealt with tens of thousands of Welcome Finance customers and a huge proportion of them were not initially aware that they had been paying for these unwanted insurance policies. Welcome Finance, along with many other lenders were guilty of using PPI to generate huge profits.


Having to pay for these insurances has, in some instances, caused serious financial hardship for many customers and we do not believe that is fair.


Thankfully, the biggest financial scandal ever to hit the UK has been uncovered and lenders such as Welcome Finance, who have basically taken money from their customers illegally are having to face the consequences of their actions.


Due to the sheer number of complaints Welcome Finance have had to deal with, the company was declared in default in 2011. They basically could not afford to pay back the compensation that they were required to do. This does not mean however, that you will be unable to claim compensation if you have been one of the hundreds of thousands who have been mis-sold PPI and other insurances by Welcome Finance.


Thankfully the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) have taken over many of the PPI complaints, and it is them who pay out the compensation that Welcome Finance should do.


If you have forgotten the details of your account

We realise that it can be hard to keep track of all your financial paperwork over time. Many people assume they will be unable to claim if they don’t have the documents to prove they took out policies, but in fact there’s no need to worry. As long as we have a bit of information to go on – such as your name and address – we can use Welcome’s own records to trace your purchases and work out if you were wrongly sold PPI or any other insurances.


We’ve developed so much expertise in PPI claims that we can often trace policies even when people don’t remember which lender they took them out with. We can also trace multiple products. It doesn’t matter whether a policy is still active or you have long since paid it off. If it was sold to you inappropriately, we can help you to recover your money.


Why get help with a PPI claim?

Making a Welcome Finance PPI claim yourself can be a lot of hassle, especially if you don’t get the response you hoped for the first time you try. It can involve a lot of paperwork and take up time that you really need to spend on other things. If you ask us to handle it on your behalf, all you’ll need to do is fill out the claim form we send you. This is very easy to do and takes just two minutes.


We will then pursue your claim for as long as it takes, through every step of the process. Because we use a no win no fee* system, you don’t need to worry about paying for anything up front and you won’t need to pay us at all if we’re unsuccessful. This means that if you’re not sure you were mis-sold PPI, you have nothing to lose by asking us to find out for you.


Should I have been contacted about PPI?

The FSCS has brought in Welcome Financial Services Limited (WFSL) to contact customers whom it can identify as having been mis-sold Welcome PPI. If you haven’t heard anything, however, it doesn’t automatically mean that you don’t have a claim. Your details could have changed or your information could have been lost.


If you contact us today, we will check out your PPI history regardless of whether or not WFSL have contacted you. If we think you are owed money, we won’t stop until we’ve made sure that you get it. Don’t struggle against the system on your own. Let us know about your situation and we’ll fight your corner for you.


Can I claim for anything else against Welcome Finance?

Yes! We also handle thousands of complaints against Welcome Finance for unfair charges. This is where Welcome Finance have charged you for late payments, or charged you for letters and telephone calls. Welcome Finance were renowned for places huge amount of unfair charges onto customer accounts. Welcome Finance have also been found guilty of mis-selling additional insurances too. These insurances were also added to loans and we can check your agreements to see if any of these have been added and whether they were mis-sold.








Welcome Finance PPI

Welcome Finance PPI