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Citi Packaged Bank Account Claims

Citi Packaged Bank Account Claims

Does your Citi bank account come with monthly costs?? You have a Packaged Bank Account (PBA) that may have been mis-sold to you. If it was, you may be entitled to compensation.

Even if you’ve closed or downgraded an old account that had monthly fees, you can still make a claim if it’s been less than three years.

We take the stress out of PBA claims. Our legal experts are here to make your life easier, helping you win compensation without having to complete the paperwork yourself, or deal with Citi directly. Let us take care of getting your money back.

About PBAs & Our Service

Packaged Bank Accounts bundle insurance and other financial products with your current account for a monthly fee. Millions of people were tricked into paying for products they do not need.

Typically ranging from £5-£30 per month, there are approximately 10 million PBAs in use today, with millions more already closed. PBAs add products such as travel insurance, mobile phone insurance and breakdown cover to standard current accounts. Not every PBA has been mis-sold, but yours may well have been.

Banks have consistently abused their position and employed strong-arm sales strategies to sell inappropriate accounts to consumers, much as they did with PPI – making excessive profits at the expense of their customers in the process.

Find out if you could qualify for PBA compensation with our guide to Packaged Bank Account claims.

Citi PBA Claims & Brief History

Citibank, usually referred to as Citi, is one of the worst PBA offenders, with accounts charging monthly fees as high as £25. The ‘Citigold’ account comes with worldwide holiday travel insurance, including winter sports, and fee free international fund transfers.

These benefits may be useful to certain customers, but may also have been sold to you in error, leaving you to pay for products you have no use for.

That Citibank would use such tactics should come as no surprise. They suffered massive losses in the sub-prime mortgage crisis, and are only able to operate today thanks to massive loans from the US government. In addition, the American bank has had to pay $7bn to cover compensation and the largest civil penalty ever levied by the US Justice Department – $4bn.

We can help you get compensation from Citi.

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Citi Packaged Bank Account Claims

Citi Packaged Bank Account Claims