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First Direct Packaged Bank Account Claims

First Direct Packaged Bank Account Claims

If you have, or had, a bank account with First Direct, you may have been sold a First Direct Packaged Bank Account (PBA).

Packaged Bank Accounts are the next big mis-selling scandal after PPI. Current accounts with a monthly fee for extra features, PBAs were routinely mis-sold by all the major UK banks. Customers’ accounts often had benefits bolted on that were either inappropriate for their situation, or they were ineligible to use.

If this was you, you could be entitled to compensation – even if you’re still paying the monthly fee, or have closed or downgraded the account in the last 3 years.

We make claiming easy. We will complete and file all the paperwork and deal with First Direct on your behalf, so you don’t have to get tangled in complex negotiations.

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About PBAs & Our Service

Approximately 10 million PBAs remain active today. Millions more may have been closed already.

Packaged Bank Accounts usually cost somewhere in the region of £5-£30. They bundle a free current account with other ‘benefits’. Typically, these are insurance products, but may also include perks such as airport lounge access.

Every major UK bank has admitted to routinely over-selling these products and, as with PPI, have earmarked hundreds of millions of pounds to compensate customers.

Overzealous sales people knowingly sold products that were inappropriate for the customer, utterly unnecessary or that they simply weren’t eligible to use.

Read our guide to PBA mis-selling to see if you could qualify for a claim. Then request a claim pack so we can help you get what you deserve.

First Direct PBA Claims & Brief History

First Direct’s Packaged Bank Account is called the ‘1st Account’. For a princely £15 per month, account holders get worldwide travel insurance, breakdown assistance, mobile phone insurance and reduced rates on foreign currency cash withdrawals. They also gain access to preferential rates on other First Direct products such as their Regular Saver Account.

The ‘1st Account’ can be a good deal for some, but for many it is simply £15 of wasted money per month – enough to easily outweigh the £125 ‘bribe’ the bank offers customers to switch.

That First Direct would oversell PBAs should come as no surprise given their involvement in the PPI scandal. As part of the HSBC group, they are far from the worst PBA mis-sellers – attracting only 2.6 complaints per 1,000 customers – but they are still implicated.

Think you may have been mis-sold a 1st Account? Talk to us today. Let’s start your claim.

First Direct Packaged Bank Account Claims

First Direct Packaged Bank Account Claims