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HSBC Packaged Bank Account Claims

HSBC Packaged Bank Account Claims

If you have a bank account with HSBC, you may have been sold an HSBC Packaged Bank Account (PBA). If you have, it may have been mis-sold to you, and you may be entitled to compensation.

Packaged Bank Accounts are current accounts with extra features – typically insurance products, but there are other benefits. These accounts attract a monthly fee anywhere between £5 and £30 per month.

Packaged Bank Accounts are the next big mis-selling scandal after PPI. Hundreds of millions of pounds have been earmarked by the major UK banks to compensate customers.

If you have been sold an account with extras that you don’t need, or are ineligible to use, you could have a case to make. Our legal experts can make that case for you.

Even if you’re still paying the monthly fee, or the account has been downgraded or closed in the last 3 years, you may still be eligible to make a claim.

To find out if you qualify, read our guide to PBA mis-selling.

HSBC PBA Claims & Brief History

HSBC’s Advance Account is now fee-free, but it used to cost up to £15 per month. The bank suspended sales of its paid-for current account in 2014 after too many customers complained. HSBC still has a paid account – the Premier account – but the fees are decided based on individual circumstances.

That the bank suspended sales – as well as its relatively low level of PPI complaints in recent years – makes it one of the more responsible banks. However, it has still paid out millions over PBAs. So if you have or had an HSBC Advance account, you may be entitled to claim.

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About PBAs & Our Service

Approximately 10 million PBAs are open today, with potentially millions more closed. Many of these were mis-sold.

Every major UK bank has admitted to employing tactics to routinely mis-sell Packaged Bank Accounts to customers, lumbering account holders with products they don’t need for a price they don’t need to pay.

Enormous sums have been set aside to compensate customers, but the banks will do whatever they can to weasel out of paying. Our legal experts can help you make your claim, negotiating directly to counter their attempts at wriggling out of payment.

If you think you may have been mis-sold a PBA, get in touch today.

HSBC Packaged Bank Account Claims

HSBC Packaged Bank Account Claims