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Claims Process

The Claim Process – A Brief Guide

The process below briefly explains the process for Undisclosed PPI Commission cases only.

The process is a guide, and the time-frame dependent on a number of factors, such as any time taken by the bank or you to respond, and any delays or backlogs with the courts.

Step 1 – The Letter Before Action (1-2 weeks)

Upon receipt of your esigned agreement it is intended for the Letter Before Action to be sent to the bank within fourteen days.

A Letter Before Action is a legal requirement, and sets out the case and reasons why you should receive compensation.

Step 2 – Response to the Letter Before Action (2-6 weeks)

Pre-Action Protocol states that the bank should respond to the Letter Before Action.

If it does not respond this fact could be raised at court later in the process, if indeed it gets to that stage.

Your bank may respond to the Letter Before Action, accepting the case against it and making an offer of compensation.

Your bank may instead choose to respond to the Letter Before Action to suggest it does not agree with the allegations raised.

Step 3 – Submitting the Case to Court (1-2 weeks)

If the bank disagrees with the allegations raised within the Letter Before Action, or indeed if it fails to respond, the case will be submitted to court.

This will send a clear message to the bank that we are willing and able to put the case before a Judge.

Upon receipt of court papers your bank may respond to accept the case against it and by making an offer of compensation.

Alternatively, your bank may choose to file a defence to the action taken against it.

Step 4 – Prior to the Court Hearing (1-6 months)

Our experience suggests some banks choose to file defences and allow cases to progress via the legal channels in an attempt to delay matters and to put claimants off.

The court will encourage both parties to reach an agreement if possible.

Your bank may seek to reach an agreement to avoid the matter progressing to a hearing before a Judge, which can be done up to the day of the hearing.

Your bank instead may allow the case to go to the hearing.

Step 5 – The Court Hearing (3-6 months)

We understand that a a court hearing seems daunting, but this is where the extensive expertise and experience of our legal partner comes into effect.

There have already been many thousands of cases that have been through the courts, with the overwhelming majority being found against the banks, including those already settled by our legal partner.

We will already have carried out the necessary work to ensure the case is legally strong so confidence remains that you would receive the compensation you deserve.

In the very highly unlikely even the case loses at court you won’t owe a penny.

In many instances we are seeing hearings concluding within 6 months, but there are rare instances when backlogs at court mean it can take up to twelve months.