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Clydesdale Bank PPI bill increases

Clydesdale Bank, which includes Yorkshire Bank, have followed suit from Lloyds, HSBC, Barclays, Santander, and RBS recently, and added to their PPI compensation pot.

With an additional £75m being added to the existing £386m previously set aside, this sees the Clydesdale Bank PPI bill rise by almost 20% to a whopping £461m. We fully expect this to be added to significantly before the biggest mis-selling scandal ever to hit the UK is over.

Poor complaint handling

Chief Executive David Thorburn has admitted the banks handling of PPI complaints had not been consistent.

This is a huge understatement. Clydesdale Bank were recently fined £9.8million for unfair treatment of customers.

Perhaps even more worrying is the fact that they’ve also been caught destroying customer records in an attempt to avoid having to investigate PPI claims.

Whilst we appreciate yet another apology from Mr Thorburn, we believe it’s about time he stopped apologising and fixed his bank.

Indeed, Mr Thorburn has claimed that the bank have introduced a new PPI complaint handling process that he hopes will see claims being dealt with more consistently, and fairer. We welcome this news, but with PPI being in the news now for a number of years we are staggered it’s taken so long.

How to claim, and when to claim

Whilst there is no actual deadline in place for when you can claim, we would strongly urge people to stake their claim as soon as possible. We advise this as it’s clear from tactics employed Clydesdale, banks and lenders will try to put up as much of a fight as possible.

Putting your claim in the hands of experts is your opportunity to avoid having to deal with the banks and their underhand tactics. Your Money Claim have already reclaimed millions for our customers. We beat the banks every day!

Your Money Claim offers the complete service, from checking to see whether you’ve had PPI, to dealing with the banks every step of the way, we do the work on your behalf and there’s nothing we like more than that phone call when we tell our customers that we’ve secured compensation that makes them thousands, or even tens of thousands of pounds better off.


Clydesdale Bank PPI bill

Clydesdale Bank PPI bill

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