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Bank charges complaints

You may recall I recently published a blog regarding a recent victory against Lloyds Bank regarding a bank charges complaint.

Well it appears the media have finally caught hold of the story too. Come on media, get with it!

Lloyds Bank

Following on from the court ruling regarding the unfair terms in contract, which led to a customer of Lloyds receiving a refund of all of his bank charges we have been keeping a close eye on proceedings and seeing what move the bank will make next.

It’s a difficult position that Lloyds find themselves in. If they appeal the decision and it’s heard by a higher judge then they may get the ruling overturned, although quite how we do not know as it appears to be a pretty solid ruling.

By appealing though, if the ruling is upheld and the appeal is lost then this would inevitably lead to a deluge of claims from the estimated 12 million people affected by these bank charges.

Instead, although rather unlikely, Lloyds could decide against appealing the decision and hope that the media frenzy doesn’t fully kick in about this story.

Test case

Your Money Claim have launched a couple of test cases against two of the biggest UK banks, and we will be keeping you updated regarding these over the course of the next few days, weeks and months, depending on how the cases unfold.

In the meantime, if you have any questions surrounding the recent court ruling or if you wish to discuss the PPI and Packaged Bank Account mis-selling scandals, our experts are on hand to answer your questions via telephone, email or our online chat facility.

Your Money Claim are financial claim experts, recovering MILLIONS in compensation for our thousands of customers. We’re used to beating the banks on a daily basis, so if you wish to make a claim, we can’t think of a better place to place your trust than with Your Money Claim.

Bank charges complaint

Bank charges complaint

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