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Barclays Job Fears

Barclays, a fairly well known bank you might say. Well, considering they’re one of the biggest banks in the UK, if you don’t know them then you really should.

If you’re a football fan, you should know that they sponsor the Premier League and so on and so forth.

100 Jobs

Well, amidst a number of recent bad times for the major banks in Britain, things aren’t looking any better for staff at one Barclays branch in Cardiff. There is around 100 staff who work at the branch in Callaghan Square, in the central business district of the city, which deals with a number of different complaints including PPI complaints.

There are a number of officials from the Unite union who have said that it was expected that a number of these posts would go.


Commenting on the matter, Barclays have said that it is too early to say how many people in these jobs would be made redundant but they have said that they will make every effort to redeploy the members of staff.

They have also mentioned that they hope 50% of the posts affected will be moved to a site at Windsor Court in Cardiff. The rest of the ones to be made redundant will hopefully be moved to sites in Northampton and Birmingham.

According to someone at the bank, they have started having discussions with PPI and Specialist Complaints colleagues at Callaghan Square about a proposed reorganisation of a section of their PPI and specialist complaints services function.

Complaints Increase

Giving this some thought, the bank would be right to grow the teams who deal with PPI complaints and the other specialist complaints teams as there’s set to be a rise in the number of complaints coming in for a variety of financial products that have been mis-sold.

Though you may be sick of hearing about PPI by now, you should know that there is still billions left to reclaim for those people out there who think that they may have been mis-sold payment protection insurance.

The next big scandal is looming too. Packaged bank accounts have been widely mis-sold in Britain and it is estimated that around 10 million people have these accounts. That accounts to about 1 in 5 customers in the UK being sold one of these accounts. On top of this, there are still millions of accounts out there that are no longer active that could be claimed on.

What is a Packaged Bank Account?

Packaged bank accounts are, if you’re blissfully unaware, a bank account that you may or may not know that you’re paying a small fee for every month. This small fee is because you’ll be receiving ‘benefits from the account.

These benefits can range from ‘free’ mobile phone insurance to ‘free’ breakdown cover. It depends entirely on the bank that you’re with and what they’re offering. The fees range from £10 a month up to £30 a month and if you’ve been paying this for a number of years, you could be entitled to a big payday.

There is set to be a rise in the amount of packaged bank account claims as they come to prominence and there’s more and more coverage in the news about them, too. There are some banks who are now suspending sales of these accounts and also there are an awful lot of complaints about the way that the claims are being handled.

If you think you may have been mis-sold a packaged bank account, why not get in touch with us and start your claim today!

Barclays Job Losses

Barclays Job Losses

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