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PPI Claim form – Take two minutes and you could be owed thousands

Your Money Claim have simplified the PPI claim process to such an extent that it’s PPI claim form is now available to download to complete in the comfort of your home. Taking literally two minutes to complete, it couldn’t be easier to get the ball rolling when it comes to making a claim for compensation.

Alternatively, you can request the form via the post by completing the online form request which can be found to the right of each page, or via our claim page.

So…let’s take a closer look at the form itself and answer any questions you may have.

PPI claim form – blue pack page 1

This page is for you to let us know the best contact details for you.

Our service enable us to update you via email, telephone or text. We want to make the process as efficient as possible whilst not getting in the way of your every day life so please feel free to put as much, or as little detail on this as you wish.

PPI claim form – blue pack page 2

This is the Letter of Authority page, and gives us authority to act on your behalf when it comes to dealing with your lenders. It gives clear instruction to your lender which should enable the fastest possible conclusion to your case.

Your signature on this page is your instruction to us also.

You will receive a copy of our Terms of Engagement if you request your form via the post. If you choose to download the form you’ll see our Terms of Engagement on page two of the download. Our Terms of Engagement are also available to view at any time on our website by following this link.

We make our Terms as clear as possible and they are there to protect all parties.

PPI claim form – blue pack page 3

This is where we get to the ‘nitty gritty’ of your case, or cases.

The first thing to remember, is not to worry if you’re unsure when answering the questions. Please feel free to leave questions blank if you cannot remember, or if you’re unsure. It’s always best to be completely honest.

One of the first boxes you’ll notice, is somewhere to put your account numbers. If you do not know these then, again, please leave it blank. Our fast-track system allows us to obtain all the information we require from your lenders.

You’ll then see two boxes that you are able to tick, one stating ‘Charges’ and one stating ‘PPI/Insurance’. If you want us to look into both, please tick both. If it’s just PPI then tick PPI and answer the questions below that to the best of your knowledge, leaving questions you’re unsure of blank.

We’ll form the basis of your case, and whether you may qualify for PPI compensation based on the answers you put on this page.

PPI claim form – blue pack page 4

The last page is in relation to mis-sold Packaged Bank Accounts. This is fast becoming the latest mis-selling scandal, so if you’ve paid a monthly fee for your bank account, or if you still do, you may be entitled to compensation.

Much like page 3, answer as many questions as you feel comfortable with answering if you wish us to launch a case for a mis-sold Packaged Bank Account.

We’ll form the basis of your case, and whether you may qualify for Packaged Bank Account compensation based on the answers you put on this page.

Always on hand to answer your questions

We hope our little guide has gone in some way to dispelling the myth that PPI claims are difficult. In many instances completing the PPI claim form is all that you are required to do.

However, if you have any questions relating to the pack or anything else to do with PPI or Packaged Bank Accounts, our experts are on hand to answer them. You can contact us via email, telephone or why not take advantage of our live chat facility.

Once we receive your claim form

For your convenience, we always send out a freepost envelope when we send out our packs.

Once we receive your completed pack we start the ball rolling. We obtain the information we require from your bank or lender. We deal with the process every step of the way and we fight your corner. We’re used to beating the banks, and it’s what we enjoy!

The average customer receives approximately £3,332** and we’ve taken a look at our own statistics so you can see what our customers get back in compensation.

So…why not join the thousands of customers who’ve reclaimed BILLIONS so far.

PPI claim form

PPI claim form

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