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Quickest Packaged Bank Account claim so far

One of the many questions we get asked on a daily basis is ‘how long will my claim take?’.

The simple answer is that banks and lenders are allowed up to 8 weeks to investigate a complaint before giving their final decision on the matter.

Generally lenders will take this 8 week period when dealing with a PPI complaint, but we’re finding that banks are taking much less time when dealing with a Packaged Bank Account complaint.

Nevertheless, the speed in which Halifax dealt with one of our more recent complaints regarding a Packaged Bank Account, took even us by surprise.

Record time

Our complaint was launched on 18th September 2014, on behalf of our customer who we will refer to as Miss C. On 23rd September we received a call from Miss C advising Halifax had placed a credit into her account for over £600 in relation to the mis-sold Packaged Bank Account.

That’s 5 days from launching the complaint to having the money in her account. Unsurprisingly this has now become our quickest Packaged Bank Account claim so far. As far as we are currently aware, this may be the quickest Packaged Bank Account claim anywhere.

Even we were impressed by the speed in which this claim was settled, so we asked Miss C if she would briefly tell us her thoughts on the claim, which she very kindly did.

The customer

Your Money Claim: Thank you for sharing your experience with us. This is our quickest Packaged Bank Account claim. Are you happy with the result?

Miss C: I’m over the moon with the result. Thank you to everyone at Your Money Claim for your work. I was hopeful of getting some money back but I never dreamt it would be so quick, and so much.

YMC: Do you have any advice to give to people who have a claim, or are thinking of making one?

Miss C: Apart from the obvious which is MAKE A CLAIM! I suppose the best advice I could pass on would be the advice that Your Money Claim gave to me, which was not to discuss the case with the bank. Halifax did try to call me to discuss the complaint but I remembered Your Money Claim stating not to enter into discussions. I politely told Halifax that Your Money Claim were dealing with it, and they paid the compensation that very same day. Goodness knows what Halifax wanted to try and discuss but they obviously had all they needed in order to deal with the complaint.

YMC: Thank you, this is excellent advice. It is our opinion that Halifax would have used the discussion to try and trip you up in order to avoid paying the compensation. What made you think you may have been mis-sold the Packaged Bank Account?

Miss C: To be honest, I always knew I had a Packaged Bank Account as I saw the monthly fee coming out on my statements. However, I didn’t realise I had a choice and that I could have an account without these products and extra cost. Also, I didn’t drive at the time I took the account, yet one of the insurances I was paying for was Vehicle Breakdown Cover! Also, I had mobile phone cover elsewhere so I didn’t need that either.

YMC: It’s a pretty common occurrence we see every day. Banks simply didn’t tell you the account was available without the insurances, nor did they make sure you were suitable for the insurances they sold as part of the package. So, do you have any plans for your new cash windfall?

Miss C: Well I’ve not long ago had a baby boy so there were a few things I want to buy for him. Also, I’m really interested in photography so I may treat myself to some new equipment.

YMC: Sounds like the money has come at a perfect time. Well thank you for choosing Your Money Claim, and thank you very much for your kind words. Happy spending!

If you wish to join Miss C and our thousands of other satisfied customers then it couldn’t be simpler. Our experts are on hand to answer your questions via telephone, email or our live chat facility. Start your claim today.

Quickest Packaged Bank Account Claim

Quickest Packaged Bank Account Claim

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