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Blackhorse PPI Claims – A short history

Payment Protection Insurance, commonly referred to as PPI, was sold to millions of people across the UK. There are many financial institutions and money lenders who are culpable.

Here we review one such offender, Blackhorse Finance, and how you may be able to make a Blackhorse PPI claim.

Blackhorse: a subsidiary company of the biggest offender of all

Given the name of the Blackhorse company and its obvious link to the easily identifiable emblem of Lloyds Bank, it is perhaps of little surprise that Blackhorse is a subsidiary of Lloyds Banking Group. The Lloyds Banking Group was the single biggest offender when it comes to mis-sold PPI and Blackhorse have contributed significantly to this.

Blackhorse specialise in offering finance to customers seeking to purchase used cars, caravans and motorbikes and operate through a network of over 5,000 dealers. Over 200,000 customers every year take a loan from Blackhorse in order to purchase a motor vehicle. There is therefore, the potential for a huge number of individuals to have been mis-sold Blackhorse PPI.

Black Horse: 97% successful claims

In a perfect world, lenders would hold their hands up when they’ve done wrong and would compensate their customers for it. Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world and lenders systematically reject valid complaints.

In instances where lenders reject a Blackhorse PPI claim, or any other lender PPI claim for that matter, we are able to escalate the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), who will independently investigate the complaint and make a judgement either agreeing that the complaint should be rejected, or by disagreeing with the rejection and ordering the lender to compensate the customer.

In a report featured on the BBC website last year, it was stated that of the 5,888 cases involving Blackhorse PPI claims that were reviewed by the FSO, 97% were found in favour of the claimant! That is a shockingly high proportion of customers that Blackhorse wrongly refused to pay out compensation to.

Black Horse: Don’t take NO for an answer

If you have been unsuccessful in your Blackhorse PPI claim, you must not give up easily! The above statistic regarding successful claims heard by the FSO is evidence that Blackhorse do not deal reasonably with complaints.

In fact, Lloyds Banking Group has even admitted to such poor complaints handling over recent years. In February 2013, they were fined £4.3 million for delaying pay outs to customers.

Make your claim

Your Money Claim are experts in successfully making claims on behalf of customers who were mis-sold PPI. Perhaps, more comfortingly, Your Money Claim know the tactics employed by lenders such as Blackhorse, and we’re used to beating them.

It’s blatantly clear that banks and lender have purposely tried to make it difficult for their customers to make a claim. That is why we have made it easy for you!

Our fast track system allows us to gather all the information relating to your accounts. Once we have the information we are able to see whether there is good reason to make a Blackhorse PPI claim.

We don’t need account numbers, and we don’t need paperwork so don’t worry if you don’t have these.

So start your Blackhorse PPI claim today by completing our easy online claim form to the right of this page, or by downloading a pack.

Our experts advisers can be contacted by phone, email or our live chat to answer any queries you may have!

Blackhorse PPI Claims

Blackhorse PPI Claims

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