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New PPI mis-selling scandal

With the current PPI bill costing UK banks and lenders £30.6bn and rising, you’d have thought the story couldn’t get any worse for the banks.

However, following a recent ruling in the Supreme Court, banks could face a further £33bn in this new PPI mis-selling scandal.

In more good news for consumers, this could even help with complaints that have previously been rejected by the banks.

So, why could banks face this huge additional compensation bill for the new PPI mis-selling scandal?

The Supreme Court case

Without getting into the nitty gritty of the case, it boils down to commission payments that were not disclosed to customers.

Basically, banks and lenders received commissions from PPI policy underwriters for selling products to customers.

These commission payments were, on the whole, never disclosed to the customer which has been deemed as being unfair.

The argument is that customers being unaware of the size of commission payments being handed out deprives them of the ability to make an informed decision as to whether the PPI policy represents value for money.

In the court case itself, Susan Plevin was sold a PPI policy worth £5,780 by Paragon Finance via a broker.

Of the £5,780 paid by Mrs Plevin, £4,150 was paid to Paragon and a broker by the insurance underwriter as a commission.

Mrs Plevin’s argument was that had she known that over 70% of the payments made for the PPI was actually commission, she would have questioned the value of the policy.

Ongoing PPI costs

We already expected the PPI scandal to rumble on for years without this new revelation, but the costs and time could rocket.

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New PPI mis-selling scandal

New PPI mis-selling scandal

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