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Rejected PPI Claim? A New Hope

Have you previously received a rejected PPI claim from your bank, or even the Financial Ombudsman Service?

If the answer is yes there is potential new hope for you following a Supreme Court Ruling.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which regulates the banking industry has put forward new proposals on how it intends to change its rules regarding how lenders should investigate claims.

This news has the potential for millions of previously rejected claims to now have the chance of compensation.

The Supreme Court ruling

Without getting into the nitty gritty of the case, it centres around certain information not being disclosed to customers when the PPI policy was sold.

This information, it is argued, saw customers not being able to make an informed decision as to whether the PPI policy was value for money.

Whilst this ruling will not open the door for all cases, the proposals suggest that it will apply to credit agreements either taken out after April 2007, or credit agreements opened prior to April 2007 but were still open in April 2008.

Making a new claim

Your Money Claim have been monitoring the Supreme Court case closely for some time, and have been making successful claims on behalf of customers who have previously received a rejection since the ruling was made.

If you are unsure whether your case could fall within the new rules, please contact Your Money Claim who can assist in reviewing your case and submitting a new claim incorporating legal challenges and rulings brought about by the Supreme Court case.

Not yet made a claim?

If you’ve not yet made a claim, now is the time to do so.

With a deadline expected to be announced in early 2016 there is expected to be a rush of claims.

This new ruling will only strengthen your case further, so why wait?

Have you had PPI?

PPI was sold on all forms of credit, such as mortgages, loans, car finance, hire purchase agreements, credit cards and store cards.

Not sure whether you’ve been sold PPI?
Our fast and comprehensive checking systems that have been set up with almost all banks allows us to find out whether you’ve been one of the millions who have had PPI.

Not sure whether you qualify? Check here to see whether you may.

Our average successful customer award is £3,332**!

Want to know how much you may be owed? Why not try our PPI calculator.

Making a PPI Claim

Option #1: Fill in the ‘Start Your Claim’ form on this page. We’ll send you out a form in the post for you to complete. Once we’ve received the form back in the freepost envelope we provide, we’ll make a start on your PPI claim.

Option #2: Click the ‘Download Claim Pack’ button. Simply print out the form, complete it and send it back to us. Our address and email address can be found here.

Our experts are on hand to answer any questions you have via telephone, email or our live chat facility.

Rejected PPI Claim

Rejected PPI Claim?

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6 Responses

    Loubyloo says:

    The UK does not have a Supreme Court!

    Daniel Lee says:


    Many thanks for your message above but I am afraid you are mistaken in your thoughts.

    The UK does have a Supreme Court, as confirmed via this link.

    I hope this has cleared things up for you.

    April Witty says:

    I had a claim rejected by the ombudsman because I could not remember weather I opened a credit card over the phone or in bank branch. I had thought it was opened over phone but they rejected claim as they say it was opened in branch. I was going through a hellish divorce at the time and was desperately upset and had to keep on working to keep paying mortgage. This claim was rejected about 3 to 4 years ago but I know I was entitled payout as I paid PPI. I opened this card in1997

    Daniel Lee says:

    Thank you for your comment April.

    We can certainly take a look into this for you. Please get in touch to discuss further.

    Stephen Briggs says:

    I originally had my PPI claim from Barclays upheld by the ombudsman, this was later withdrawn 24/02/16 as Barclays appealed against it due to providing proof that I signed the document at the time of taking out a business loan in 2006, which stated that the PPI was optional. However, at the time I applied for the loan, and prior to signing the agreement, I was never advised by the bank adviser at all that the loan in fact had an optional PPI attached, nor did they verbally inform me of my rights of the cooling down period, and as a result, throughout the terms of the loan and up to recently, I never knew that I even had a PPI. And only claimed due to t.v ads to see if I had a PPI. Is there anything I can do? As I feel like I been let down and lost money due to the dishonesty of Barclays and their adviser at the time of the loan.

    Daniel Lee says:

    Thank you for your comment Stephen. Did the Ombudsman reject the claim based on the evidence supplied by Barclays? If yes, we can take another look into the claim for you. There are certainly still some options available.

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