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Clydesdale PPI charge soars

Earlier this week we learnt that the Clydesdale PPI charge was having an additional £450m set aside for it.

Clydesdale and its sister bank Yorkshire have been dumped by their parent bank, the National Bank of Australia (NAB), due in no small part to their contribution to the PPI scandal.

It became clear to NAB that the toxic banks were damaging both profit levels and reputation, leading to 97% of its shareholders voting to demerge.

Poor complaint handling

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank tactics of ripping off customers didn’t stop when the PPI scandal came to light.

On 16th April 2105 the regulator handed what was the biggest PPI related fine to date to Clydesdale / Yorkshire for their serious failings in handling and manipulating complaints.

The banks were found guilty of providing false information and falsifying records to attempt to make it look like they held no records of PPI sales.

This has inevitably led to customers simply not trusting the disgraced banks when handling claims.

Total Clydesdale PPI charge

This latest £450m addition takes the overall charge to Clydesdale Yorkshire to £2.1bn, a huge number when you consider the size of the banks.

It also takes the total costs to UK banks and lenders to £37.1bn, and closer to the £42.5bn our experts believe the final bill will be.

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Clydesdale PPI charge soars

Clydesdale PPI charge soars

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