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The Best Cold Caller Responses

We understand how frustrating cold calls are, which is why we will never ring you unsolicited. However, most companies – for PPI refunds and otherwise – don’t share our mindset. We’re sure you’re often answering the phone to strangers who refuse to tell you where they got your number.

Next time, instead of getting angry or even calmly hanging up, why not take inspiration from these pranksters and waste their time? We’ve also explained before about how to claim compensation from cold calling companies too.

We’ve compiled ten of our favourite funny cold call videos (yes, there is such a thing). We hope you find these as amusing as we do. Have a wind-up story of your own? Let us know in the comment section below.

Russ McCulloch mashed up two prank call classics – the takeaway order and revenge on the cold caller. Our personal highlight is the naïve telemarketer mistaking Russ’s ramblings about a chopstick for him saying he’s off sick but there are plenty more laughs to be had here too.

David Borthwick has been phoned by a PPI company he has never contacted before. But who gave them his number? Was it Auntie Jean or Uncle Freddy?

This classic from mediocrefilms2 shows how to ruin a telemarketer call in an extremely friendly way. It’s how you imagine Buddy the Elf answering a cold call. And no, he doesn’t ask for the caller’s favourite colour.

Normally cold callers being pranked are unamused but this debt advisor joins in on the fun and laughs along with Larry Millar. Never has a cold caller been so easy to warm to.

An oldie but a goldie, this Videojug upload features a man who is very happy to say to yes to this telemarketer’s requests – he just doesn’t want to say anything else. Literally.

Grime MC Jme received an unsolicited PPI refund call. So he did what came naturally to him, and after 10 minutes on the phone, he performed to his call centre audience.

This 3-year-old has learnt the art of dismissing cold calls from a very early age in this short but sweet video by Clare Glenn.

Robbie Britton found that telemarketers find fellow cold callers just as annoying as we do. When two contacted him at the same time, he conducted a three-way conversation.

Lynn Napier shared this dead pan cold call response with the world last year. You certainly need patience to put up with unwanted calls. Or should that be patients?

It’s not just YouTubers who find humour in cold calling, it’s also become part of comedian’s stand-up routines. Lee Mack took to the stage of the Apollo about his response to an energy company.

As frustrating as cold calling may be, we hope this round up has helped ease some of your pain. So, try and have a laugh the next time you receive an unsolicited call. Whoever the call is from, you can guarantee that it won’t be from us.

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