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What a Successful PPI Compensation Award Could Get You


Summer is here and the holiday season is in full swing. If you haven’t got your holiday booked, then we recommend filling out one of our claim forms to see if you’re entitled to PPI compensation – our average successful customer compensation award is £3,332**, which will most certainly get you a holiday, or two!

If you have got your holiday booked, have you got all the essentials packed? Sun cream, swimwear and sunglasses? What about tea bags, your favourite pet picture and ketchup?

These may sound like odd items to squeeze in your suitcase but not according to a new poll by Jet2Villas, who found out the top 10 home comforts Brits take on holiday.

So, we’ve decided to conduct our own research. How many home comforts can you get with our average successful customer compensation award of £3,332**?

We want to demonstrate just how much money there is available to you. Billions have been set aside for compensation whilst millions are entitled to compensation. Here, we’ll show you just how much you can get with the average amount of compensation.

1.Tea bags

It’s no surprise that tea bags are number one on the list of home comforts Brits take with them when going abroad, with Yorkshire tea bags being the brand of choice.

Using My Supermarket.co.uk, we found that Pound Stretcher has the cheapest box at £4.19 for 240 tea bags.

So, you could have enough cash to purchase 190,400 tea bags, which means 190,400 cups of tea.

Here in the UK, we drink an average of three and a half cups a day, so that would mean you could have the daily average of tea for the next 149 years. That’s more than enough for a lifetime personal supply, plus some extras for your nearest and dearest.

2. Slippers


Slippers come in second on the list of home comforts we take with us on holiday.

The Independent have listed the 13 best women’s slippers. By adding up the price of each entry, the average cost for a pair of slippers came out at £28.

Therefore, PPI compensation could get you an incredible 119 pairs of slippers – that’s a lot of Christmas presents sorted.

3. Ketchup


In third place, you have the British staple: Ketchup. According to My Supermarket, a classic 342g bottle of Heinz Tomato ketchup is £1.00 from Pound Stretcher. This means your PPI compensation could get you 3,332 bottles of ketchup. That’s one a month for 23 years!

4. Pillow

At number four, we have the pillow! If you do have a claim and receive £3,332, you don’t want to take any old pillow on holiday. You want the best. We turned to The Independent to find the 11 best pillows on the market.

The average cost of one of these pillows is £42. With our average PPI compensation, you would have enough cash for 79 pillows!

In one double bed, typically you would have four pillows, which means £3,332 would get you enough comfy pillows for 20 beds!

5. Dressing gown

In fifth place, it’s the dressing gown. Again, we looked to The Independent, who have rounded up the eight best women’s dressing gowns on the market with the average cost coming out at £90.

Your PPI winnings could get you 37 dressing gowns. That’s enough to treat yourself to a new dressing gown every year for 37 years!

6. HP Sauce

At number six, it’s HP sauce. According to My Supermarket a bottle of 255g original HP sauce costs £1.25.

With £3,332, that’s an incredible 2,666 bottles up for grabs, which is one a month for 18 and a half years!

7. Marmite

In seventh place, you have another British classic – Marmite. My Supermarket tells us that a 125g jar of marmite costs £1.70.

With £3,332 in your pocket, you could get 1,960 jars. That’s one a month for 13.5 years!

8. Own cutlery

At number eight, we have a strange one – Cutlery! A few years ago, Ikea over took John Lewis as Britain’s favourite shop. So, we looked at the average price of a 24-piece cutlery set from Ikea, which came out at £22.30.

£3,332 can get you 149 24-piece-sets! But, to be more specific, that’s 894 knives, 894 forks, 894 spoons and 894 teaspoons! What more do you want?

9. Favourite china

Again, we headed over to Ikea to get our price for number nine. Ikea’s china cup and saucer is £7, which means 476 cups and saucers are on offer for £3,332, which is perfect for the 190,400 tea bags you can get!

10. A photo of a pet

Finally, at number 10, there’s a photo of a pet. Photobox offer a 15x20cm print in a frame for £10. So, with your compensation, you could get 333 frames of your pet! They may take up your whole suitcase, but at least you will have plenty of cute pictures of your pooch to make you feel at home.


So, based on a compensation award of £3,332, you could have one of the following:

  • Three and a half cups of tea a day for the next 149 years
  • 119 pairs of slippers
  • One bottle of ketchup a month for the next 23 years
  • 79 pillows
  • A new dressing gown every year for 37 years
  • One bottle of HP sauce a month for 18 and a half years
  • One jar of marmite a month for 13 and a half years
  • 149 24 piece sets of cutlery
  • 476 china cups and saucers
  • 333 photo frames of your pet

Now, surely that’s worth filling out a PPI Claim form, right?

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