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An Interview with… Jamie England

An Interview with… Jamie England

Here at Your Money Claim, we decided that we wanted to get to know the 24 Hour Walkathon guys a bit better so they agreed to taking part in a series of different interviews with us.

To kick us off, we got one third of the trio and lifelong Burnley fan, Jamie England to answer some questions for us. Here’s how it went down.

Your Money Claim: Hi there, what’s your name and where do you come from?

Jamie England: Hi, I was christened James England, but you can call me Jamie. I’m from a pleasant village on the outskirts of Preston.

YMC: Hi Jamie! So, have you done anything like this Walkathon before?

JE: I certainly haven’t. I’ve been able to walk for a while now and I use my feet to get me around on a daily basis but I’ve never spent a long period of time walking, nor have I covered such a gargantuan distance.

YMC: Excellent, well we figured you’d have been able to walk going into something like this. So what has drawn you to doing this event then?

JE: I was drawn to contributing to a good cause because I feel that many of the things I have/do I really take for granted. It would be special to me to be able to put myself through a bit of an ordeal for something so positive. I’m guilty of being fairly blinkered and concerned solely with what’s going on in my life, it would be beneficial to take a step back and have some perspective.

YMC: So, the company that you’re going to be keeping for 24 hours straight, are you happy with it?

JE: This made me chuckle. Put it this way: for all my concerns about the company I’ll keep, I’m sure they’re dwarfed by my company’s concerns about me. I am in no doubt that there will be bickering, especially as we get tired – from the hour mark. However, we all have a similar sense of humour so that will without doubt see us through.

YMC: If you could spend 24 hours with anyone at all, who would it be?

JE: Jacqueline Jossa, or Lauren Branning in Eastenders. I’m convinced that I could work some magic on her in that time frame, especially if she couldn’t run off. Can I say that?

YMC: That made us laugh! So, in terms of money raised, do you have a figure you’d like to hit before starting this?

JE: I’m afraid that I’m going to employ a cliché: anything would be a bonus. I’d like to see us raise a couple of hundred pounds, I’d be thrilled to reach £500, but I won’t be disappointed with any amount because it’s going to a great cause and that will make me feel good enough.

YMC: That’s good to hear, as they say, every little helps. What’s your favourite thing to do in the world?

JE: Look in the mirror.

YMC: Finally, our last question for you. Is this the most extreme thing you’ve done?

JE: Depending on the definition of extreme, quite possibly. I’ve done some fairly outlandish things before, but for the most part, I didn’t know much about them before they happened. Walking 67 miles in under 24 hours with a significant lack of food and drink is one I’ll definitely remember!

YMC: Thanks for all that, Jamie! Is there anything you’d like to add before we part ways?

JE: Jacqueline, if you’re up for that, please do get in touch with these guys and we’ll sort something out. But you’re paying!

So, ladies and gents, that was Jamie England. If you found that funny and you want to keep up to date with Jamie and his training and find out a bit more about him, you can follow him on Twitter here.