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Have I Got PPI?

Have I Got PPI?

Probably the most asked question we receive these days is ‘have I got PPI?’.

Generally those who are aware they were sold PPI have made their claims, with millions of consumers taking their entitlement of the billions in compensation set aside, an amount that continues to rise.

The vast majority of customers we now deal with are initially unaware as to whether they were sold PPI in the first instance.

If you aren’t sure you if you were sold PPI, you are not alone.

Obscene profits drive mis-selling

Profits generated by selling PPI proved to be far too tempting for banks, and selling to the need of the customer was overtaken by selling for the lust of profits and bonuses.

Sales staff knew what they were doing was wrong but the pressure to sell and the bonuses on offer saw them turn a blind eye.

Hidden without knowledge

One of the main tactics was to add PPI to mortgages, loans, credit cards, car finance and store cards without the knowledge of the customer.

Sales staff were aware that if they managed to hide PPI at the beginning of the agreement it would be unlikely the customer would find out as the PPI repayments were hidden within the overall monthly repayment.

Because of these tactics, we estimated up to 7 million customers are completely unaware they’ve been sold PPI.

PPI checks

Don’t worry if you can no longer recall the dates you took out your credit agreements.

Don’t worry if you no longer have paperwork or account numbers.

Your Money Claim has systems set up with virtually all the major financial providers which allows us to check records, even if they are now archived, which can establish whether you were sold PPI.

You may well be surprised, and you too could potentially be entitled to your slice of PPI compensation.

Have I got PPI

Have I got PPI