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Co-operative Packaged Bank Account Claims

Co-operative Packaged Bank Account Claims

If you pay a monthly fee for your current account with Co-op, you’re paying for a Co-operative Packaged Bank Account (PBA).

Do you need all the features you’re paying for? Are you eligible to use them? If the answer to either is no, you may have been mis-sold the account. You could be entitled to compensation.

We make claiming easy. Even if you’re still paying for the account, or have cancelled or downgraded it within the last 3 years, we can manage your claim for you – completing and filing all the paperwork and dealing with Co-op direct, to make sure they don’t wriggle out of paying what you’re owed.

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About PBAs & Our Service

Packaged Bank Accounts are the next big mis-selling scandal, following on from PPI. If you pay for your bank account, you may be a victim.

PBAs are bank accounts that attract a monthly fee, usually between £5 and £30, in exchange for additional products – typically travel insurance, mobile phone insurance and breakdown cover, though some accounts offer other benefits.

Though many accounts are sold genuinely, many banks have used hard sales tactics to sell PBAs that include inappropriate products, or in some cases, products the customer is not even eligible to use. If this has happened to you, you could be entitled to compensation.

Find out if you could be eligible to make a claim by reading our guide to Packaged Bank Account mis-selling.

Co-operative PBA Claims & Brief History

The Co-operative Packaged Bank Account was called the ‘Privilege Account’ and came with worldwide travel insurance, mobile phone cover and airport lounge passes for £11 per month.

The Co-op has now closed all its packaged bank accounts, partially because mis-selling of them led it to earmark a whopping £16.8m to compensate customers sold inappropriate products. If you had a Privilege Account you could be entitled to some of that money.

This, on top of The Co-op’s mis-selling of PPI, will hopefully have led the bank to be more ethical when it comes to its own customers, much as it is with its investments.

Co-operative Packaged Bank Account Claim

Co-operative Packaged Bank Account Claim