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Lloyds Packaged Bank Account Claims

Lloyds Packaged Bank Account Claims

Do you pay money for a current account with Lloyds? Do you use the additional features you’re paying for? If the answer is no, you may have been mis-sold your Lloyds Packaged Bank Account (PBA).

Every major UK bank has admitted to routinely mis-selling Packaged Bank Accounts. Selling unsuitable products to customers, even products they were ineligible to use, or simply not making the extra costs and features clear at point of sale. Hundreds of millions of pounds have been set aside to compensate for this industrial-scale mis-selling.

If you think you may have been mis-sold your Lloyds Packaged Bank Account, we can help you make a claim – even if you’re still paying the monthly fee, or have cancelled or downgraded the account in the last 3 years.

We can handle everything for you. From filing the paperwork to negotiating directly with Lloyds – we can ensure they won’t wriggle out of paying what you’re owed.

Find out if you could qualify for compensation by reading our complete guide to the PBA mis-selling scandal.

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About PBAs & Our Service

Packaged Bank Accounts bolt additional features on to free current accounts for a monthly fee. Many customers are entirely unaware what they’re paying for, or that they’re paying at all.

Banks are known to have set stringent targets to sell PBAs, and in the process, sales people pressured customers into buying them, or simply failed to inform account holders of all the fees and extras. The result is roughly £1bn set aside to compensate customers on an industrial-scale scandal similar to PPI.

Insurance products are the most common add-on to current accounts, usually travel insurance, mobile phone insurance and breakdown cover. These were often sold without checking the customer is eligible to claim, or if they already have additional policies elsewhere.

Lloyds PBA Claims & Brief History

The Packaged Bank Accounts offered by Lloyds are known as ‘Added Value Accounts’ and cost up to as much as £25 per month, depending on Silver, Gold, Platinum or Premier status. ‘Benefits’ include travel insurance, AA breakdown cover, mobile phone insurance and card loss assistance.

Lloyds is one of the worst PPI offenders, so it should come as no surprise that it also comes out unfavourably in PBA complaints. As of July 2015 it had already paid out £175m in fines to the Financial Conduct Authority over PBAs – that doesn’t even take into account how much was paid to customers.

Lloyds Packaged Bank Account Claims

Lloyds Packaged Bank Account Claims