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Have you paid for your bank account? Make a claim.

Am I entitled to a PBA refund?

Am I entitled to a Packaged Bank Account refund?

There are lots of reasons as to why you may be eligible for compensation on Packaged Bank Account (PBA) fees.

Here are a few ways your bank may have mis-sold you PBA (and therefore make you eligible for a claim):

  1. Your bank account may have been ‘upgraded’ without your permission.
  2. You may have been pressured into taking the Packaged Bank Account, or you may not have been offered an alternative free account.
  3. You did not qualify for the ‘benefits’ that were offered as part of the account.

These are just a few examples of why you may be entitled to compensation. However, there are many more, so please get in touch to find out if you are eligible.

What happens if I am eligible?

If you are eligible, we can then conduct a thorough review of how you were sold PBA to build up a comprehensive case on your behalf.

We will NEVER pass on your details to any third party without your explicit permission

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