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PPI Calculator

One of the most popular questions we get asked is “How much could I be owed?”.

Without having the exact details of your borrowings, the payment dates and the interest rate, it’s difficult to put an accurate figure on it.

The two calculators below could give you a rough indication of what you may be entitled to, if you were mis-sold PPI.

The PPI deadline

The deadline for submitting a PPI claim has now passed, but that is not the end of this scandal.

From September 2019 Your Money Claim are taking on any claims that have been either rejected by the bank or Ombudsman, or have only been partially paid out.

The good news for anybody who thinks they may have been affected is that we will carry out the checks for free, with no obligation thereafter.

For more information, please feel free to read our frequently asked questions

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Mortgage / Loan PPI Calculator

Monthly payment x 15%
Monthly payment x 30%
Total premiums paid (15%)
Total premiums paid (30%)
8% compensation interest (15%)
8% compensation interest (30%) during loan term
Todays date
Years since start date
How much were your monthly payments? £
How many months in total was your loan / mortgage over
When was the loan / mortgage taken out?

Credit Card PPI Calculator

PPI monthly payments @ 79p for every £100
APR of 15% over term
APR of 30% over term
Total paid plus APR charge (15%)
Total paid plus APR charge (30%)
Number of months agreement taken out for
Number of years agreement taken out for
8% interest x number of years taken out
Number of years since taken out
8% compensation interest (15%)
8% compensation interest (30%)
What was your average balance? £
When did the card end? If still active put in today's date
When was the credit card taken out?