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Tax Refund – Information capture for HMRC

Information required for your PPI tax refund

In order to submit your PPI tax refund to HMRC we require the following information.

We understand that the information could be considered sensitive in nature and wish to assure you that any information provided will only be used for the purposes of the tax refund and will never be shared with any other party, other than HMRC.

Further, we wish to highlight the following regulatory bodies and organisations that we are regulated by and/or registered with…

You can find our firm registration number with the Financial Conduct Authority here

You can find our registration number with respect to Data Protection with the Information Commissioner’s Office here

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    Instructions how to complete the boxes below

    Where you see a figure in the 'Calculated Tax Refund' box below, please provide your approximate income for the tax year in the adjacent box.

    Note: A tax year runs from 6th April through to the 5th April the following year

    Note: Your income does not have to be exact, just an approximate should be fine

    Financial Year Approximate Income (£) Were you self employed during this period? Calculated Tax Refund