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What is a PPI refund?

What is a PPI refund?

Payment Protection Insurance, or PPI for short, was added to millions upon millions of credit agreements.

PPI was sold on mortgages, loans, credit cards, store cards, car finance and, in some instances, bank account overdrafts.

The product generated astronomical profits for financial providers, such as banks, which led to the product being mis-sold as greed overshadowed the need to treat customers fairly.

Millions of people have already made claims and received a refund, many choosing using the services of claims management companies such is the lack of trust with the banking industry.

Millions more have yet to stake their claim, possibly because they are completely unaware they’ve been sold the product.

So, what is a PPI refund and how much could you be owed?


If it is established that you were sold PPI, and that it was sold unfairly it is likely you will be due a PPI refund.

The monthly payments you made towards your credit agreement included an amount towards the sum you borrowed, and potentially an amount towards a PPI policy.

A PPI refund would see any payment made towards the policy be refunded to you.

But that isn’t all, you would also be entitled to receive compensation as a result of the PPI policy being sold unfairly to you.

What is a PPI refund?

What is a PPI refund?