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Have you had a loan, credit card or mortgage with HSBC between 1985 and 2010? If so you could be entitled to a refund and compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance.

If your credit agreement with HSBC is outstanding or has been settled you could still be entitled to thousands of pounds. Make a claim with us today and see how much you could be owed in PPI refunds and compensation.

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We take the stress and hassle out of making a PPI claim. We know the tactics used by the banks to try to avoid making the payments that are rightfully owed, and will manage your claim on your behalf from start to finish.

Your Money Claim make the PPI claims process easy, and we don’t require bank account numbers or other sensitive personal details in order to check if you are owed money.

Use our checklist to work out if you qualify for PPI refunds and compensation, or use our PPI calculator to get an estimate of how much your claim could be worth.

About HSBC & PPI

HSBC Bank is one of the biggest banking and financial services organisations on the planet. Many people were mis-sold PPI by HSBC with their loans, mortgages or credit cards. Many customers were mistakenly advised that their application wouldn’t be approved unless they consented to paying PPI.

In 2015 HSBC increased their provisions for PPI refunds and compensation by $549 million. Your claim could be worth thousands of pounds, so get started today.