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Who will look after my case

Who will look after my case?

We often get asked which companies will be looking after the PPI Plevin cases.

Well, as the PPI deadline has passed, and as the Financial Ombudsman Service is tied to highly controversial rules set out by the FCA, many PPI cases now have to be submitted via the courts.

For our customers we have provided the option for them to join a Group Litigation Action against each bank / lender.

The benefits of a Group Litigation Action are clear…

1. There is no case too small, whereas other services are only willing to look at claims with a high individual value.

2. Access to a top tier legal firm of solicitors, with costs covered by funding and ATE (after the event) insurance.

3. Very simple to sign up, with a simple process and a no win no fee service.

Your Money Claim

Probably the company you are most familiar with, and quite likely the company that issued the initial PPI claim for you.

Your Money Claim has vast experience and knowledge of the PPI industry and has always sought to set itself apart by never cold calling and always aiming to work in a professional, methodical and ethical manner.

Your Money Claim has recovered tens of millions of pounds for its customers, with a track record of beating the banks and fighting for consumer rights.

Your Money Claim has long been of the view that the ‘Plevin’ Supreme Court ruling gives a clear legal path for customers to receive fair PPI compensation refunds, opening up a route for the millions of customers who may have had a case rejected unfairly or only received a partial award.

RGL Management

In mid to late 2019 discussions commenced between Your Money Claim and RGL Management following the FCA imposed PPI deadline.

Both parties are of the same opinion with respect to the ‘Plevin’ ruling.

RGL Management is a specialist in Group Litigation Actions where many consumers are represented in one legal action.

RGL Management is able to overcome what may be a costly fight for an individual by using its expertise in group actions.

RGL Management has put in place the appropriate funding and insurance for the group action and has appointed a top tier legal team to fight the cases.

RGL Management, much like Your Money Claim, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, with its registration number being FRN833132.

Humphries Kerstetter LLP

The final piece of the jigsaw comes in the shape of Humphries Kerstetter LLP, the top tier firm of lawyers appointed by RGL Management.

Seven partners of the highest calibre form the head team within Humphries Kerstetter LLP, with the Senior Partner, Mark Humphries, being the lead solicitor on this case.

Mark has over 35 years’ legal experience in a distinguished career to date, and was one of the very first solicitors to be qualified to appear in the English higher courts, and with an emphasis on contracts, banking, insurance and professional negligence we believe there is no better person overseeing the intricacies of this group claim.

Having been the chair of the Solicitors’ Association of Higher Court Advocates and a member of the board of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and currently the Lloyd’s Members’ Ombudsman we can be sure that the claims will be submitted and pursued with the utmost level of skill and ethics.

Humphries Kerstetter LLP is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, SRA number 592101.