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Bank Fines to Fund D-Day Trips

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has allegedly set aside money that has been raised from the big banks to make sure that veterans can continue to make their annual pilgrimage to France each year.

It’s reported that the Chancellor has set aside the money that has come from the biggest banks in the country after he was moved after seeing the scenes in Normandy earlier this month when 650 veterans gathered to mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

Speaking about what he saw in Normandy, Mr Osborne, whose grandfather won the Military Cross in the First World War, said: “These amazing people are an example to the world. Hearing their stories last weekend about what they went through and the comrades they lost was truly humbling. It is only right that they should be able to travel back to Normandy every year and I am delighted that we can make it happen.”

Speaking more about the move to ensure these heroes can continue their pilgrimage to Normandy, George Osborne has said that he finds it very fitting that the money being paid in fines by the people in the country who are demonstrating the worst kind of behaviour and values is being used to both help and support those out there who have unquestionably demonstrated the very best values.


Hailing the move is the Normandy Veterans Association, the secretary George Batts has described it as a “bloody marvellous gesture” and has insisted that there will be an awful lot of people that take it up.

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Bank fines to fund D-Day Trips

Bank fines to fund D-Day Trips

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