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How do I claim PPI?

Despite the huge amount of media attention some of the most asked questions do not get answered. We hear all the figures, such as a £25 BILLION compensation pot, and that 34 MILLION PPI policies have been sold, but without the knowledge of how to claim, people simply won’t get the compensation they deserve.

It’s easier than you may think!

Most people now lead very hectic lives and it may seem time consuming having to search for paperwork to check whether you actually took out Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). You may not have the paperwork, especially if the mortgage, loan, hire purchase agreement, credit card or store card was taken out quite a while ago, or has been settled for some time. Even if you know you have had PPI, gathering a legal letter together and sending off to your lender may seem a daunting prospect, after all there is usually just one opportunity to get the letter right. What if the bank rejects the complaint?

It doesn’t have to be this way

Employing the services of experts can be of huge benefit. A regulated Claims Management Company (CMC) deals with banks and lenders on a daily basis, and will have all the expertise and experience required in order to put your case forward in the best possible format. Being able to locate account details and whether PPI was sold is a simple and quick process for an established and successful CMC. A good CMC will keep you updated throughout the process, they will push the bank for answers and, if the bank rejects the complaint, they have the ability to counter a rejection.

Should the bank still reject the complaint a CMC can escalate the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service, who will review the complaint independently. In the majority of circumstances, if the case has been put together professionally and the cause for a mis-sale have been explained properly, the Financial Ombudsman Service will accept that the PPI has been mis-sold and they will order your bank or lender to make an offer of compensation. A professional CMC will also check any offer of compensation received to ensure it has been calculated correctly.

How do I claim PPI?

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How do I claim PPI

How do I claim PPI


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