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Sometimes it’s nice to get an insight into what we do on a day to day basis, and we were only too happy to assist when we were contacted by Jamie England, one third of the 24 Hour Walkathon trio we’re currently following. Jamie is currently studying at University and was on the lookout for a little experience in a legal environment that could be of benefit to him. Jamie recently spent a few days in our offices seeing what we do. Now we did warn him that his current views of banks and lenders may be permanently altered after experiencing what they’re like, but he gave it a go anyway!

If you want to keep up with Jamie’s story, and his blogs, then you can follow him here. So, what did Jamie have to say…..

Thanks for the Experience

As a student sniffing around for work experience in the summer before my final year at university, I could have done a whole lot worse than spending time at Your Money Claim. The people were great, the work was interesting and I got my own little spot on the ‘important desk’!

I wanted something that would provide a nice stimulus for two of my interests: writing and finance. I’m fortunate enough to have a handy contact in Online Marketing at YMC and with a bit of negotiation we settled on a date for me to come and experience life in the real world – no student siestas or professional procrastination here. And to be totally honest, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was really, very different from what I expected it to be.


Firstly, meeting the boss-man, Danny, was great. He’s a very welcoming character and incredibly easy to get on with. I felt I could ask questions about the business and delve further into areas that sparked my interest as I researched them. We spent a considerable amount of time discussing the way banks operated in reality and I found the intricacies of the Libor fixing scandals and development of the PPI process truly fascinating.

The other man in charge, Nick, kindly allowed me to pick his brains on the second day. I think he called me a ‘nosey ******’, but he was very good and satisfied my – er – natural intrigue about how these two directors of YMC began their business careers, spotting an opportunity and making a beeline for success.

Moving Online…

With Jake (Head of Online Marketing) overseeing my work, I was set tasks such as writing material for the blog, researching potential outreach targets and contacting relevant people to spark a working relationship. The best bit for me was being able to learn so much about the banking industry in such a short amount of time. I really enjoyed collecting information and then writing blog posts relating to the latest news.

It was also good to listen to Danny dealing with customers and clients. We had a good conversation about how reclaimed PPI sometimes was deducted from a debt owed to a bank by a client and how this is dealt with. Not long after the conversation Danny was on the phone to a woman, helping with her queries and the questions we probably all have. It was good to see how hard they work to keep people happy and stress free. It felt like a business which was in it for the right reasons, so every party could win (except, perhaps the banks, but do we care?)

The Future

The ethos as the company was brilliant and I will doubtless have many more boring experiences in placement than that at YMC! I got to try different things and ask loads of questions and am glad to say I got more from the experience than I originally expected. I like being around hard-working people and good, personable individuals with plenty of drive and plans for the future; I also asked plenty of questions about the upcoming Your Cash Cow venture and how they felt that was going to work. It’s interesting to be in a position where you’re practically interrogating businessmen and I can only hope I wasn’t too nosey (I’m lying, I don’t care).

To round it off, Danny was a fellow Burnley fan so we could give Jake (a Preston North End fan) some stick about his team.

It was a top placement and I look forward to keeping in touch with the guys at Your Money Claim!

Work Experience

Work Experience

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