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Elderly Owed PPI

Everyone loves their granny and grandpa but they could be missing out on quite a significant amount of money due to their lack of experience using things like tablets, smart phones and computers.

Tens, even hundreds, of thousands of elderly people around the UK could be missing out on money that is owed to them in PPI reclaims. According to the charity Age UK, there are an awful lot of elderly people missing out on money that is owed to them due to not being online.

Denise McKenzie from Age UK Hammersmith & Fulham is convinced that elderly people are missing out. Denise is behind the Money Wise project in the area which has set out to create greater awareness for finance in the local area.

Missing Out

It is estimated that the number of elderly who aren’t online, or don’t have a firm understanding of the internet, is more than 25%.

The primary source of news for anyone who is looking to reclaim mis-sold PPI is the internet, and if 25% of pensioners are not accessing this information then they’re even less likely to know they may have a valid case for compensation.

It’s generally felt that our older generations are also averse to cold calling, which could be a bit of a silver lining to this potential cloud. Cold callers are to be avoided at all costs, as this is where people can get themselves into trouble with rogue firms. Signing up to any company that cold calls could end up costing thousands, rather than being thousands better off.

So, the more than 25% of elderly people that aren’t online is quite a a large amount of people. Our estimations bring us a figure of 7 million people in the UK that have STILL yet to make a claim, and there will be a significant number of elderly people among them.

Computers and the Internet

First things first, if you’re reading this then chances are you have a decent grasp of the world wide web. However, as the world moves more and more towards an online way of living, there will be many people who may well start to feel cut off if they’re not computer and internet savvy.

The government are setting up free training courses on a regular basis, which reaffirms just how important they feel a basic understanding of computing and internet knowledge is becoming. Age UK run specialist computer training courses aimed at pensioners, and you can find one near you if you click here.

How to Make a Claim

Do you know of somebody that isn’t exactly computer literate? Could they be missing out on claiming what they could be owed? Are they one of the estimated 7 million yet to make a claim? Are you?!!

Making a claim couldn’t be simpler, simply fill in our online form and we’ll get a pack out to you. All it takes is two minutes of your time and you could be thousands, or even tens of thousands better off.

Your Money Claim, using it’s fast-track system, can locate your accounts (even if you don’t know them), check whether you’ve had PPI, and deal with the lenders every step, fighting your corner all the way.

Refer a friend or family member

If you’ve already staked your claim, but you know of others who haven’t, whether it be friends or family members, then why not take advantage  of our industry leading referral scheme.

You’ll find all the details here.

Elderly Owed PPI

Elderly Owed PPI

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