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RBS PPI bill up again

The much troubled RBS / Natwest banking group has seen it’s fair share of misery since the financial crash, and the bad news just keeps on coming.

Every quarter banks report their profits and losses to the city and their shareholders. Hot on the heels of Lloyds, Barclays and Tesco, all of whom added a cumulative £1.1 BILLION to the PPI compensation fund, RBS have done so too.

The bank, 80% owned by UK tax payers, is also facing fraud allegations relating to the manipulation of foreign exchange rates, which affect all of us who travel abroad.

Ever increasing RBS PPI bill

Back in July the much maligned bank topped up it’s RBS PPI bill bill by a whopping £150 MILLION.

In this latest round of figures, the bank which also includes Natwest, again added to the compensation pot, this time by £100 MILLION.

So, in the last three months it has added a cool quarter of a BILLION pounds.

This is far from being the end of the matter, and with a RBS PPI bill currently standing at £3.3 BILLION, we wouldn’t be surprised if this surpassed £4 BILLION this time next year. A bold prediction perhaps, but something we’re quietly confident about.

Foreign Exchange rate rigging

The latest in a long line of scandals involving UK banks, adding to the likes of PPI, LIBOR, Mortgages and toxic loans, this latest scandal affects £3 TRILLION a day.

It’s clear that the regulators simply haven’t managed to stop illegal activity and greedy ethos of modern day banking.

A £400 MILLION fine, which is what RBS is facing, for it’s part in a £3 TRILLION a day scandal, is hardly going to be a significant deterrent.

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RBS PPI bill

RBS PPI bill

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