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Mount Kilimanjaro Interview with… Jordan Snape

An Interview with… Jordan Snape

As we did with the 24 Hour Walkathon lads, we decided to get to know the Mount Kilimanjaro boys a bit better so we got one half of the nephew/uncle duo to agree to an interview.

We got the nephew, Jordan Snape to agree to answer a few questions for us about the challenge that him and his uncle are set to undertake later in the year.

Your Money Claim: Well hello! Let’s start with the pleasantries. What’s your name and where do you come from?

Jordan Snape: Hello! My name is Jordan Snape and I’m from Accrington.

YMC: Hi Jordan! Is this your first charity challenge? If not, what have you done before?

JS: I’ve attended a number of different fundraisers before but this is the first challenge I’ve actually decided to carry out myself.

YMC: Ah, that sounds good. What would you say is the most outlandish, challenging thing you’ve ever done?

JS: Well, to be honest I’ve never actually taken on anything even half as challenging as climbing Kilimanjaro. I’ve always been interested in doing some kind of challenge and have done some smaller ones like the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, but I feel like it’s one extreme to the other with this challenge.

YMC: Let’s talk about what’s important here, the charity. Which charity are you doing this for and why?

JS: The charity is the Marie Curie cancer care charity. I chose this charity as my mother had cancer, which she beat, but I have seen first-hand what it can do to individuals and families. They provide support and nursing staff to terminally ill cancer patients giving them the chance to end their lives at home with their families. I think this is reason enough to raise money for them.

YMC: That’s certainly a worthy cause; we hope your mum is okay now too! How do you feel about this challenge with you uncle?

JS: I’m more than happy to be doing it with him. Neither of us have ever done something like this before but I don’t know anyone who is more up for a challenge than Ian so it should be good fun.

YMC: That’s good to hear! So, what training have you got planned/been doing for such a tough challenge?

JS: With the challenge involving such a lack of oxygen at such high altitude, there’s not really anything that we can do in the UK to prepare for that, however we’ve been concentrating on keeping fit. We go on big walks every other weekend, and we’ve recently completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge. I recently took up Thai boxing to try and improve the strength in my legs.

YMC: Do you have any other fundraising events coming up?

JS: We have two more fundraisers planned but dates as of yet. We want to hold an event at the Accrington Cricket Club, have a few bands on and hopefully a 20/20 cricket match. I also DJ for a label called ‘Progmatic’ and we’re hoping to have an all-day DJ event.

YMC: That sounds like good fun! So, if you could do anything else for charity, what you do and why?

JS: The firm that are taking us up Kilimanjaro advertise a number of other events such as walking the Great Wall of China and cycling through Vietnam or India. These would both be of interest as I’d get to see the world whilst taking on new challenges.

YMC: They all sound very interesting! So Jordan, what do you like to do in your spare time?

JS: I have a number of hobbies that take up my spare time including Brazilian Ju-jitsu, Thai boxing, golf and also hiking. I like to keep fit and active as much as I can.

YMC: Great, that will all help toward your training! If you could bring one other person with you on your expedition, who would it be and why?

JS: It would have to be my good friend Damien Parker. His stories in our friend group are excellent and keep everyone interested and laughing so he’d be able to relay any nightmares we had along the way and he’d be great company throughout the climb, especially at night.

YMC: Great, thanks for your time, Jordan and thanks for your answers! We wish you all the best here at Your Money Claim and we’ll be monitoring your progress and willing you and your uncle up Kilimanjaro.

And that, ladies and gents was Jordan Snape. If you want, you can help with their money raising by donating on their Just Giving page here – www.justgiving.com/jordan-snape

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro