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Halifax PPI Claims

Halifax PPI claims

If you’ve had a loan, mortgage, credit card or other type of credit with Halifax in the last thirty years there’s a good chance you paid Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). If so, you could be owed a refund and compensation.

Making a PPI claim with Your Money Claim is easy. We take the pain out of the process by handling all the paperwork on your behalf. We’re experienced in making successful PPI claims and we know the tricks the banks will use to try to avoid compensating customers who were willingly mis-sold.

Make a PPI claim against Halifax

There are two easy ways to make a PPI claim against Halifax with Your Money Claim, the PPI claim experts:

  1. Complete the claim form on this page. We will post you a paper form with a freepost envelope. Once this form is completed and returned to us we can make a start on your PPI claim.
  2. Download the claim pack, print out the form, complete and return to us. You can find our postal address on our contact page.

You can speak to our experts by phone, email or live chat at any stage in the claims process.

Let us get started on your PPI claim today.

About our PPI services

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was sold on all types of credit including credit cards, car finance, loans, mortgages and hire purchase agreements. Sometimes it is known as credit insurance, loan repayment insurance or credit protection insurance.

Many companies have been fined by the Financial Conduct Authority for mis-selling PPI, and thousands of customers have received compensation.

Most people are unaware whether they have paid PPI or not. We have an electronic system with most banks and lenders that allows us to check your agreements without requiring account details or other sensitive details.

Halifax PPI History

Halifax merged with the Bank of Scotland to form HBOS in 2001. HBOS was part of a Lloyds TSB takeover in 2009 following the global recession, and has become part of Lloyds Banking Group, one of the ‘big four’ UK banks.

Halifax are on the biggest contributors to the PPI mis-selling, having already compensated customer to the tune of over £10 billion so far.

On 5th June 2015 Lloyds Banking Group received a whopping £117 million fine for mis-handling PPI complaints, the biggest PPI fine so far.

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