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The Lloyds Banking Group – Who are they?

We regularly hear them being mentioned as one of the big four UK banks alongside Barclays, HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland, but who are the Lloyds Banking Group?

Well, as is probably obvious by the name, it’s a group of banks under one company. So let’s open the door and see who’s inside…

Lloyds and TSB

The obvious one. Lloyds in the major player in the group, and having been around since 1765, it’s also one of the oldest banks in the UK.

In 1995 Lloyds merged with TSB to form Lloyds TSB.

They remained as such until separation in late 2013, which was as a consequence of the government bailout of the troubled bank during the height of the financial crisis.

Black Horse

Black Horse is a specialist division of the Lloyds Banking Group, having previously been part of Lloyds TSB.

Black Horse provides motor, retail and asset finance to hundreds of thousands of customers every year.

Halifax and Bank of Scotland

Halifax was founded in 1853, perhaps unsurprisingly in the town of Halifax in West Yorkshire.

Bank of Scotland, the second oldest bank in the UK behind the Bank of England, started life way back in 1695.

The two historical banking giants merged in 2001 to form Halifax Bank of Scotland, which was subsequently shortened and known thereafter as HBOS.

In joining forces HBOS became the biggest provider of mortgages in the UK overnight.

iN 2008 Lloyds TSB Group made a takeover bid of HBOS, which was eventually completed in early 2009, heralding the start of the ‘Lloyds Banking Group’.

PPI scandal

Perhaps the biggest black mark on the Lloyds Banking Group card is the huge PPI mis-selling scandal.

The group is responsible for for over 40% of PPI policies sold, which is around 13.6 million of the 34 million policies sold.

The total poundage worth of PPI policies sold by Lloyds Banking Group is around £20 BILLION.

Having set aside £11.3 billion of the total £27 billion to compensate customers who’ve been mis-sold PPI, at the time of writing this, we can be sure there will, and should be future additions to this number.

Whilst there have been many other scandals we could go into, such as rigging the foreign exchange, rigging gold and metal prices, rigging LIBOR, we’re just going to look at one final one a little closer to everyones pockets.

Packaged Bank Account scandal

The next mis-selling scandal, which is almost upon us, is the Packaged Bank Account scandal.

With an estimated 10 million active Packaged Bank Accounts in the UK, and millions more that are closed, but can still be claimed against, this next scandal has the potential to be huge.

Much the same as PPI, Packaged Bank Accounts were sold to meet the needs (profit targets) of the banks, and not to suit the needs or wants of the customer.

Millions of customers have had their bank accounts ‘upgraded’ to include a monthly fee in exchange for insurance products.

Millions more were offered the bank account, and not offered a free alternative.

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Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group

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