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Lloyds set for records PPI fine

Rumours are starting to surface from the Financial Conduct Authority that Lloyds Bank Group are set to be hit with the biggest fine to date for mis-handling PPI complaints.

If the rumours are correct, and we believe they are, then the fine will be almost five times greater than that handed out before.

Previously the biggest fine, which was again handed out recently, was for just over £20m to Clydesdale Bank.

This latest news is that in the next few days we can expect to see Lloyds hit with a fine of £100 MILLION!

Yet more evidence of incompetence

The PPI mis-selling scandal has been rumbling on for a number of years, with lenders and so-called experts continuing to claim that the banking industry is getting its house in order and that the PPI scandal is coming to an end.

However, with our estimations that 7 million people have yet to stake their claim, and with regular news of complaints being handled unfairly it is clear that these leeches on society do not take complaints seriously.

Are the fines high enough?

We recently did an article to compare the size of the fines versus the profit the banks have made out of various scandals.

Put simply these fines are loose change, even at £100m, for banks who sold £50 BILLION worth of PPI policies, the majority of which were mis-sold.

It is clearly worth the risk to these banks, and why we continue to hear stories of manipulation, mis-selling and rigging.

Previous fines clearly not had the impact we hoped

This isn’t the first time the Lloyds Banking Group (which includes Halifax, Bank of Scotland, Blackhorse and Lloyds), have been fined for their part in the biggest mis-selling scandal ever to hit the UK.

In February 2013 the bank were dealt a fine of £4.3m for delays in paying compensation to customers.

In December 2013 the group were issued a fine of £20.7m for continuing to target staff on selling various products and policies to customers, leading to a continued culture of mis-selling.

So, the Lloyds Banking Group have incurred a total of approximately £125m in fines for their part in the mis-selling scandal.

Sounds quite a lot?

When you consider that the bank sold approximately 40% of the £50 BILLION worth of PPI policies sold, a fine of less than 1% really puts things into context.

Have you had PPI?

PPI was sold on all forms of credit, such as mortgages, loans, car finance, hire purchase agreements, credit cards and store cards.

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Making a PPI Claim

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Lloyds set for record PPI fine

Lloyds set for record PPI fine

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