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Lloyds PPI charge soars again

Today the much troubled Lloyds Banking Group, still part owned by the UK taxpayer released it’s latest set of figures.

The Lloyds Banking Group includes the likes of Halifax, Bank of Scotland, Blackhorse and of course Lloyds.

As has become part of the norm these days it includes another addition set aside to compensate customers for the PPI mis-selling scandal.

This latest announcement confirmed a further Lloyds PPI charge of £2.1bn, taking the groups total to £16.7bn.

With Santander and RBS already setting aside an additional £950m in their latest figures, the overall bill to all UK banks and lenders now stands at £34.6bn, edging ever closer to our anticipated final bill of £42.5bn.

The bank also set aside £837m for mis-sold packaged bank accounts, another scandal that is starting to gather more media attention.

Misleading investors

Ever since the PPI scandal broke, UK banks have consistently claimed when setting aside further compensation that they expect it to draw a line under the saga.

Inevitably though, three months down the line we generally hear news of more compensation having to be added to the pot, and another announcement that ‘this should be the end’.

PPI deadline

It is widely expected that the toothless regulator will bow to pressure from UK banks and introduce an unfair PPI deadline, probably to be set in 2018.

Why is this unfair?

Simple really, PPI was added without the knowledge of potentially millions of UK consumers thus meaning a complaint cannot be considered as ‘time-barred’ under the regulators own rules.

There is a potential legal challenge to the deadline and we’ll keep you updated along the way.

A new hope

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Have you had PPI?

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Making a PPI Claim

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Lloyds PPI charge

Lloyds PPI charge

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