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In the first half of 2010, according to FSA figures, the proportion of pure banking complaints decided by banks in-house in the consumer’s favour varied from 7% at Bank of Scotland and Clydesdale to 12% at Lloyds TSB, 16% at Nationwide, 19% at Santander, and 27% at RBS.

The latest FOS figures show the flipside of some banks’ approach to complaints handing. Across all types of complaint, the ombudsman upheld 74% of complaints about Lloyds TSB and 73% about Clydesdale. Also above the average of 53% in the consumer’s favour were Co-operative Bank and RBS, where the FOS backed 60% of customers. At Bank of Scotland it was 45%, Santander 39%, HSBC 27%, and Nationwide 25%.

FCA 2010 complaints

FCA 2010 complaints

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